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Financial Feasibility, Analysis and Valuation


The results from financial analysis are only as good as the assumptions behind them, the accuracy of the tools employed, and the experience to know how to test and interpret the results. Capstan helps clients by developing customized tools to analyze, assess and evaluate their unique projects and businesses vetted through the lens of our practical industry insights as operators, investors and long standing advisors. A thorough analysis of the underlying commercial, competitive and financial drivers of a client’s business is the foundation to our approach to Capstan’s financial consulting services. This ensures the right assumptions are used for developing applicable scenario analyses, appropriate sensitivity testing, and estimating realistic outcomes.

Capstan’s professionals have extensive experience in conducting feasibility analysis for projects ranging from large scale greenfield developments to expansions, automation upgrades, and capital equipment replacements.

Development of custom pre-feasibility and investment grade financial analyses and valuations for port infrastructure, maritime and transportation businesses is a core competency. As a result, we often use our modeling and analytical tools as the foundation for our other advisory services. Clients have engaged Capstan’s professionals to conduct financial feasibility, analysis and valuations of billions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure and equipment investments to date.

Examples of how clients have put our analytical industry expertise to work:

  • Feasibility and pre-feasibility studies
  • Greenfield terminal investments
  • Infrastructure redevelopment and master planning
  • Mergers, acquisitions, partnerships and joint ventures
  • Concession bidding and evaluation
  • Leasing terms
  • Rates and charges benchmarking
  • Debt/Bond structuring
  • Due diligence
  • Business planning
  • Capital raising
  • Freight transportation and logistics systems investments