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Strategic and Business Planning


Effective strategic planning is essential to sustainable success. Strategic planning is the blueprint which establishes the long-term direction for an organization. It defines an organization’s purpose, direction, priorities and metrics (goals or objectives) for measuring success. Strategic planning mobilizes an organization in the pursuit of clear, time and resource based strategies and action plans.

Capstan’s approach to strategic planning is Setting Strategic Direction or SSD. SSD is a conference-based approach to strategic planning that emphasizes a high degree of interaction, through a series of planning conferences, between a client’s organization and the consulting team. In a typical assignment, the SSD process involves three strategy conferences: mission and objectives, identifying and prioritizing strategic issues and selecting and prioritizing strategic options. The SSD process also includes extensive outreach to customers, stakeholders and community groups.

Capstan professionals have completed strategic planning engagements for shipping lines, port authorities and terminal operators. These engagements have addressed a broad range of industries and issues including:

  • Industries: container, breakbulk and bulk shipping; port, terminal, and rail
  • Issues:
    • Customer portfolios and commercial strategies
    • Market positioning
    • Sustainable competitive advantage
    • Capacity and operational efficiency
    • Capital investment
    • Financial performance
    • Emerging markets