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Operations Analysis


Capstan’s professionals have extensive, practical operations experience across a range of freight transport systems including container and bulk shipping, ports and terminals, and intermodal and heavy haul rail systems. This practical experience coupled with our strategy and financial backgrounds enables us to provide unique insights when conducting analyses of existing and planned operations.

Capstan’s team members have conducted numerous operational analyses to support our clients’ businesses. Examples of our operations analysis include:

  • Berth and crane utilization and availability assessments
  • Transportation systems planning and analysis Capacity planning
  • Competitive assessments
  • Supply / Demand analysis
  • Energy demand requirements
  • Equipment operating mode selections
  • Operating cost comparisons
  • Workforce assessments
  • Vessel scheduling and network deployments
  • Vessel Sizing
  • Master planning and conceptual design
  • Navigation & channel functional design inputs
  • Spatial requirements
  • Development and evaluation of performance standards