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James Brennan

capstan_iconMr. JAMES R. BRENNAN

James (Jim) R. Brennan is a founding Partner of Capstan Consulting, LLC. Jim has 41 years of maritime industry and consulting experience. He has directed strategic and capital investment planning, merger and acquisition due diligence, financial, market and trade forecasting, competitive, and operational assignments on behalf of port authorities (landlord and operating), steamship lines, terminal operators, railroads, financial institutions, investors, governmental, industry and labor organizations. Providing clients with strategic and due diligence advisory services is a major focus of Jim’s experience.

Jim previously was a partner in Mercer Management Consulting’s international transportation practice. He was also a founding partner in the strategy and management consulting firm Norbridge, Inc. Prior to entering the consulting field, Mr. Brennan sailed as a licensed deck officer aboard US flag tankers and coastal tugs for the Sun Company.

Jim Brennan holds a BS degree in Marine Transportation from the US Merchant Marine Academy and an MBA with a concentration in finance from the Pennsylvania State University.

Contact James directly:
Phone: +1.703.319.3999